Why Tutoratti?

Apart from our exclusively designed classroom courses, Tutoratti provides dedicated online learning that gives students an ‘any time, anywhere access to academic training and one-to-one help from experts, with dedicated live coaching lessons that aid better understanding and comprehension for core concepts.

Starting right from school years, our experienced tutors cater to students from CBSE, ICSE, and SSC curriculums for all subjects. Holding their hands virtually, we move on to coaching them for competitive exams that help them get into top institutions across the country.

Tutoratti is one of the only institutes in India, that provides access to Live Doubt clearing sessions by our experienced teachers. Our online coaching focuses on dedicated one-to-one sessions that make grasping concepts a whole lot easier and unique.

Now that the educational landscape of India is moving entirely online, Tutotratti has tapped some of the most talented teachers, as well as a team of virtual lesson developers who make learning extremely easy and technically sound. Furthermore, our highly trained teachers are always available for one-on-one interactions online.

Our Online Learning Provides Students With:

24*7 Availability of Learning Resources :- The biggest advantage of opting for Tutoratti’s online learning methodology is that the students can learn at their own pace. They can prepare a learning schedule that matches their learning speed and slowly start accomplishing the targets set. Our online tutorials provide anytime access to learning materials, PDFs, notes, sheets, tests, and videos for a comfortable study schedule that does not put unnecessary pressure on the child. A student can refer to these materials whenever they choose to and how many ever times they wish to.

Access to Mock Tests and Sample Papers :-  With hundreds of resources available for assessment and revision, Tutoratti also provides students with ample mock tests and papers to ensure they are getting an adequate amount of practice before their actual exam. What’s more is that our teachers assess these tests and provide live feedback to students, all at the comfort of their location and time!

Affordable Means Of Learning :- Online coaching, when compared to other modes of learning can be a lot more affordable. With online coaching, parents also do not need to incur the costs of commutation and other essential expenses related to learning at a physical location, amidst a class of many students.

Expert Assistance from Our Highly-Trained Educators :- At Tutoratti, we take every student’s doubts seriously. Our expert team of educators hold exclusive one-on-one sessions with students to clarify their doubts and help them move past the fear of certain chapters and subjects. This makes our students confident and certain about their command over each and every topic and subject throughout their syllabus.

Accountability and Progress :-  At Tutoratti, we make students accountable and more motivated with regular support, feedback and assessment. We send students regular assessments and progress checkups throughout the week, ensuring that they are staying on track and getting the results that they want.

Have a educator by your side daily and with you every step of the way, with Tutoratti’s online coaching.





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